Hello there from your freak of nature. 

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I’m planning on posting all kinds of freaky shit. Not only deviant sexual debauchery and other things that I do love to do like smoke and chill. Hit me up. 

New ink and truthfully the only thing that counts. 

So very true!!!

I tried dating a sweet, nice and “Normal” young lady but it wasn’t what I really needed in my life. I must admit that I am weak for “Slut’s” that are surgically enhanced fucktoy’s and Bimbo’s. I mean the Vanilla Life is an acceptance of not only being very boring, but as everyone knows that variety is the spice of life. 

Go for it baby girl, get those Double D’s, blown out D.S.L.’s, Ass implants and hips. Get those pretty feet and soft soles right, dress up like you want some good dick. Go find out just how tasty Big Nigga Dick and sweaty black ball’s filled with sweet superior nigger cum is. Interracial Everything is beautiful to me and I also know that it will not only Expand your horizons but also expect to fall deep in that rabbit hole. Personally, I love to fuck the shit out of other races and I have no problems with gender assignments or identity. Let’s see how things turn out in the future, my daughter is multi racial and beautiful. I’m just saying, in this new world, hate is easy, but I know that as human beings we’re made to be as 1 and loving each other. 

I’m so fucking horny 😈☻♠️🔝👿🍑🍆♌

For some reason today lovely people sex is all on my mind. I mean cock rock hard and wanting something wet, willing and freaky as fuck. Since I’m Heteroflexible and very open-minded I’m going to go through my contact list and see who’s down to freaky as fuck with me . I’m a tad bit luckier than most because I only deal with the more open-minded easygoing and really freaky individuals. 

  1. Who would like a chunk of this man meat?